The One Where Moira Picks Some Gorgeous……

The deepest depths of January. I won’t go on about how dark and miserable it is. Because January gets a bad rap. It’s a time to restructure. And rethink. And try to give up eating anything that isn’t a vegetable! 🙂

We’re off to a trade show in London this weekend to find everything we want for Spring. I can’t wait! I’m not gonna lie, trade shows are EX-HAUST-ING. It’s a full-on sensory overload but we are always so excited when the new stock starts arriving and we can fill our shelves full of our new gorgeous.

We’ve had some new stock arrive today so between unpacking boxes and re-doing the shelves, I was inspired to find a couple of favourites to share. Firstly it has to be these mugs. I saw them at a coffee roasters in Vermont before Christmas and fell in love! Made from porcelain and in such fab colours, they are designed to keep your tea or coffee hotter for longer while the shape lets you absorb all the aromas of your cup of choice. I’ve picked the Christmas Blend from Jeeves & Jericho to sit alongside it. Even though it’s January, the warming, spicy smell is just mmmmmmmmmm.

Next up is a cosy jumper that looks stylish at the same time.It’s hard to do when the weather is cold and damp – all those layers making you feel bulked up. This jumper is a cashmere mix which means you don’t need to dig out the thermals to keep toasty. I’ve added the Parkminster candle and some tasty. Dark evenings in front of a good film need both!

Lastly – and just because it’s stunning – is our newest mirror. With the copper finish and oval shape, it’ll be a stand out piece in any home. I see it on the stairs to add some interest and bounce some light around a shadowy space.

So there you have it – some gorgeous to make you think the first month of 2020 isn’t so bad after all!

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