The One About Martha’s Therapy……….

Well here we are at the start of 2020! This time last year we were pulling together our final preparations ready for our launch night.

It’s quite funny to look back at that time now, we really didn’t have a clue what we were doing but we muddled our way through. Whilst things didn’t always quite go to plan, we always had a strong vision for what we wanted F&M to be about and I think it’s safe to say that in just one short year we’ve created something special. We’re firmly settled into our new home in the centre of Hereford on Old Market and we’re really excited about our Spring plans.

In fact, that’s how this blog post idea came about. Moira suggested I write one about everything that’s great about January and my initial reaction was “I’m definitely not the person for that job!” You see, I’m really not a fan of this time of year. Christmas, New Year….as lovely as they are I always find it pretty anticlimactic if I’m honest. The whole lot whizzes by in such a blur that you never really know if it was enjoyable or not! So by the time Jan 1st rolls round, I’m usually feeling quite glum. But I’m O.K. with that. It’s a great measure of good mental health to be able to recognise and own that I think. And let’s face it, that’s what will carry us all through this time of year.

Both Moira and I constantly question how the shop looks and feels. Could we display things better? Are our insta photos telling the story we want them to tell? Have we got enough stock? Believe us when we say that last one is particularly high on the agenda right now! But if you allow yourself the time to take a step back and be reflective, then the answer to all of those questions is ‘Yes’. For me, January is a perfect time to go with the flow and take your time. Who knows what the shop will look like in a few weeks? All we do know is that we’re off to a few trade fairs over the next couple of weeks and can’t wait to start building the picture for the next phase….

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